Nov 2011
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Thinking back over the last 2 months one of the most treasured memories for all of us is the time spent with our amazing organizers! In each country we had what we called our “contact” person! Someone who would spend hours finding families within their areas that we could take photographs of. Not an easy task by any means!

One country contact asked over 60 families before finding 3 that could take the time.
As we would communicate with these individuals and explain our ideas and hopes in capturing the right images I’m sure it was a bit overwhelming for them trying to figure out who we were, what we needed, and how to find the perfect families. In the end – every country contact came through with flying colors!

One of the things that I had not anticipated as we worked through contacting our contacts, was how quickly we would become fast friends with each one of them. I guess spending 9-10 hours a day together would offer anyone the opportunity to get to know you on a very personal level, even if it is for only 3 days.

Learning about their personal lives, living conditions, country statistics and families added 18 more GREAT individuals to our hard working creative team. AND each time it was time to move on to the next country resulted in sad goodbye’s and the realization that these individuals were heaven sent, to help E3 capture the magic of children and families around the world.

Thank goodness for the power of modern technology, because of it, the world is smaller, and we can continue to communicate with 18 of our newest closest friends!!!

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