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E3 Imagine has a mission to ENLARGE the souls, ENLIGHTEN the understanding and EXPAND the minds of children and families throughout the world. We are creating and publishing books with pictures of children from all over the world. But we are not just another book company.

Liz Porter, Co-Founder of E3 Imagine, had the idea last October of doing something different and unique to help kids in other countries. She went through a number of ideas, but finally settled on a children’s book company that offers a wide variety of educational products for children, but more importantly, it offers humanitarian efforts and education to children in need. Says Liz, “For as long as I can remember, I have hoped for and looked for opportunities to do something good for others.”

“We saw what TOMS had accomplished,” said Steve Porter, Liz’s husband, a career photographer who, until now, had focused primarily on aerial

and fine art photography. “They created a successful design company that also does significant good for children in need. We really wanted to do something similar to that.”

E3 Imagine has set out to create and give books to kids, about kids, from all over the world. E3 will publish children’s education titles as both traditional books and interactive e-books. The imagery on every page will be based upon pictures of kids and families from every corner of the globe. Through our Spread The Words program we will provide a book to a child in need for every book sold. So, like TOMS’ One-For-One Program, when you buy a book, you give a book.

The Spread The Words Program allows individuals to help with the humanitarian efforts that E3 Imagine is seeking to accomplish. children all throughout the world are wanting and needing help with their education. E3 Imagine is committed to providing quality books for high

poverty areas and schools, to give children a chance to learn as other children do. When individuals purchase an E3 children’s book, they are directly contributing to the cause by donating a book to a child in need.

We want to take part in changing the world as we focus on changing one life at a time. We want to help fill schools and communities with the treasure of knowledge that books provide. E3 Imagine’s goal is to put 20,000 books in the hands of children around the world by the end of 2012!

“We have developed, as a team, a firm and unmoving faith in our project,” says Todd Rogers, COO of E3 Imagine. “We know that we can capture and share the beauty of the world with everyone, and we believe that through our titles, kids can be empowered with that knowledge. But we need help. As we travel and build our books, we invite everyone to get involved. Help us share and give these books to children everywhere.”

E3 Imagine’s film and photo crew will travel to 18 countries by the end of the year, filming and photographing over 200 children and 60 families to create a variety of products. After visiting 18 countries, our 2011 series of books will include imagery from a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities including European, East Indian, Middle Eastern, Latino, African, Asian and many more. Our main product will be 24 basic educational titles, with simple subjects such as colors, numbers, and shapes.

All of our books will feature large, colorful photographs of children and objects from different countries around the world. Each book separately incorporates basic educational subjects such as: colors, counting, shapes, families, and more.

Other products are slated as well, such as children’s games to accompany the interactive e-books (for read and play on iPad, tablets, and other smart-phone platforms),These will incorporate many innovative educational features such as still images and video, audio in various languages, animated content, and interactive puzzles. Coffee table photography collections, as well as a documentary of their travels are also included in the up-coming products.

The goal is to raise awareness of diversity through stories, photographs, videos, and maps—while helping kids connect to other children everywhere.

Imagine changing the life of a child one book at a time. You buy a book, E3 Imagine gives a book—a life is changed forever. To be a part of E3 Imagine’s goal to enlarge, enlighten, and expand the lives of children across the globe, please visit our “Spread The Words” page on the website here at e3imagine.com. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.