What Does Your Heart Have in Common With an iPad?

The average human heart beats about once every second. (60-80 bpm) Every second of every day, unless you are moving about, or exercising. That adds up to be a lot of beats over time!

Want to know something else that happens about once every second, actually a little more than once a second? Apple sells an iPad every second, every day, around the clock. During the Christmas season last year, it was more like 2 or 3 every second. Surveys show that the iPad was the most desired Christmas present by kids around the country and that excitement hasn’t waned. Why do kids want iPads so bad? If you have one, you already know. They love the apps, the games, the books! We love books! Now, before you continue reading, take a seat because this next number is staggering.

There are already over 700,000 books for the iPad to date! The best part is , there are books for everyone. There are novels, DIY, history, children’s and most recently added, education books! You may wonder if there is anything special about these books compared to the books you grew up with. Well, keep reading, and I’ll give you the inside scoop.

E3 Imagine’s 3rd new book “123 Count the World With Me!” just hit the Apple iBookstore last week, and we are thrilled to see people all over the world downloading it.

Tens of millions of people have access to the iBookstore, and you can download a book in seconds from wherever you are, all you need is internet. Then once the book is downloaded, you can take it and the rest of your collection anywhere. But that’s only a fraction of the scoop.

E3 Imagine’s books are considered “enhanced”. That means they have ‘extra features’… and lots of them. Not only can you read the book as you would any paperback or hardcover, but also you can INTERACT with it! You can touch buttons to reveal more photos, maps, and even videos. Everything is there for you and your kids to explore. See the kids we met in Cambodia, Egypt, France, Nepal, and more! Watch videos of them at home and in their community, learn words in their language, become immersed in culture and discovery.

Now you can listen, watch and learn, with your kids, all while sitting inside or outside, on the couch or in the car. It’s really starting to make sense why the iPad is so popular! By the end of the 2012, there may be 100,000,000 iPads in the world, maybe more. Will you have one? If you get one, grab a book by E3 Imagine and take the opportunity to sit with your kids and show them the world!

Oh and by the way, for every book sold, a printed book gets donated to kids in need. #SpreadtheWords #buyabookgiveabook So what are you waiting for!?

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