Sep 14 2011
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7 Days.
168 hours.
How is it possible to have done so much in 168 hours??
We have experienced…
• 12-15 hour work days.
• 5 hours sleep per night.
• 8758 miles in airplanes.
• Visiting with and photographing 7 amazing families.
• Coming to know and photograph 22 beautiful and energetic kids.
• Families being families in 2 diverse cultures and many different conditions.
• Sushi, octopus dumplings, chocolate covered pancakes and a whole bunch of
stuff we didn’t get the name of in Tokyo.

• Witnessing the effects of 70 years of Communist occupation, still so evident in
• Russian snacks, buuz (mutton dumplings), some homemade cheeses (those were
tough to get down), some pretty decent Chinese food and some good Ukrainian
food in Mongolia.

We’ve been gone for 7 days now. It feels like so much longer. Not because it’s not an
incredible experience. In fact, it feels longer because it’s such an incredible experience.
Our mission is to ENLARGE the souls, ENLIGHTEN the understanding and EXPAND
the minds of families and children everywhere. Well, let me just say, I for one am
experiencing this change. I feel my soul enlarged, my understanding enlightened and my
mind expanded as I spend time with these incredible families and children. Watch for
their photos, for their stories… and you too will feel this change.

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