Lots of Downloads

Last week we decided to offer a promotion for a Free download in iTunes. We were seeing a lot of great downloads of our sample book. However, were told by Apple that they don’t allow sample books, so we decided to offer a full book for a limited time. This is actually a great thing, because now YOU can have an entire and complete book, all about learning numbers from 10 different countries of the world, for free! It’s really fun to flip through the ePages and touch various areas to have pictures and video pop up! Isn’t it amazing to think of where books are going? The technology is so awesome!

In other news, we just became aware of a large, worldwide humanitarian organization that is working with several major corporations to build Data Learning Centers in various parts of the world. At these centers, children can come from nearby villages and learn on computers, and the internet. We are hoping that we can donate our eBooks there as well as printed books to their affiliates. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

In the meantime, share this link with your Facebook friends who may not know about this new and innovative set of books. Since the free book is for a limited time, your friends will thank you! Everyone loves a good promo!

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Link to Free Book