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Explore the world through a variety of innovative and unique books that will captivate, teach and inspire your family.

Learn a fun, new way with our kids books!

Our unique children’s books will take you on a journey that will enlarge your soul. Your child will recognize the wonder of diversity while discovering the beauty of sameness. Research shows that children learn better from books with photographs. E3 books will feature captivating photography depicting children and families from around the world in their everyday lives. They will teach basic educational concepts and inspire your family as you learn about different people and cultures.
Let’s learn…

Wow – you’ll love our interactive eBooks!

Our interactive eBooks are based on our children’s books. Through these eBooks, your child’s knowledge will be deepened and their understanding will be enlightened. They feature enchanting imagery, engaging videos, and interactive games that will entertain and challenge you and your children. Through these books, your family will gain an appreciation for the diversity found throughout the world. Let’s play . . .

Photography books –
Big & Beautiful!!

Our stunning Fine Art Photography Books are designed for the entire family. Come and meet our friends. These books will take you on a journey as these diverse families share with you their real life stories. Discover their traditions, learn about their interests, and see them in their everyday lives. Strengthen your family as you learn about other remarkable families around the world. Let’s see . . .

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