Oct 20 2011
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Jambo! We are in KENYA and excited to announce the winners of our contest:
Congrats Ahmed Galal for guessing Kenya and winning 1st place!

Kenya, like Egypt, is also in Africa. It was named after the second highest mountain peak in Africa, Mount Kenya. The capitol of Kenya is Nairobi and the official languages are Swahili & English.

While we are excited and working hard to take videos and pictures of some wonderful Kenyan families our team in the States is working just as hard to make sure our books turn out awesome! Unfortunately, our internet connection isn’t great here, but we still wanted to share a quick photo we were able to snap with an iPhone.

Did you know that Todd is a Master Packer? How many bags do you think you could fit in your car?

…Also congratulations to the winners who guessed our last location in Egypt: Erin (1st place), Danielle (2nd place), and Jason (3rd place).

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