Sep 26 2011
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In the village of Roong, Cambodia, while our E3 film crew was in the village school, talking to several of the kids about their school and life experiences, I lingered outside to hang out with some of the kids in the courtyard.

I soon discovered one of the Cambodian women we had brought with us was standing in the distance braiding hair. Having braided lots of heads in the past, I hurried over to see if I could join in on the fun. The girls were a bit shy and hesitant at first, but I could usually coax them in, as I combed and braided each head of long black straight hair.

What a fun quiet moment, no words spoken, just a tender touch of affection, as they stood quietly accepting the attention. I stood there wishing my own 3 girls were there to share this small moment, with me, and these beautiful Cambodian schoolgirls.

There is something magical about the power of touch. You know how it always feels so good when someone combs your hair. I wondered how often these girls have the chance to even wash their hair, much less have someone comb and braid it for them.

It was a small thing, a small moment in time, in a small village far removed from the busy world. But that small moment has had a huge impact on my life. I watched those girls relax and stand patiently enjoying that one small moment, and my life was changed!

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