Oct 2011
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A quick 3 days in Nepal was not quite enough time to experience all of the amazing places in that beautiful country.  However, we did get to meet lots of happy, friendly people with smiles full of life – and we’ve learned that those are the things that really touch us.

Our 1st family shoot took us to a quaint home in the city with a father who is an educator. We had such a great time talking with him about how we could help E3 Connect reach the Nepal school systems. We are really excited about the difference E3 Image can make in the lives of children around the world!

As we headed up to the mountain villages, just outside of Kathmandu, we were overwhelmed by the sites, sounds and new smells of this exotic country. We were surrounded by incredibly lush mountains covered in green jungles, and we were told it is in these jungles that Bengal tigers come out at night and will take the dogs for dinner!

We could hear roosters, chickens, ducks and cows – felt like Old McDonald found his way to Nepal.

We could smell the smells of diligent people working in vegetable fields, markets, and as street vendors, and we were just waiting to see how our taste buds would react to the interesting new foods presented.

One of our most favorite little guys that we photographed was Mariyo.

Watching little Mariyo as he lit up the camera was the best! He not only made us smile, but he was happy to entertain all of his family members too, giving them an opportunity to forget about work and have some fun. Mariyo LOVED looking into Steve’s camera, smiling and being the center of attention. Not shy one bit, and happy to follow all instructions given to him.

He was a hit!

Seeing Mariyo reminded me, once again, what this is all about. Making sure kids like him and his brother, Tunish, have the opportunity to learn to read. This is what will give all of us the biggest smiles, and the greatest happiness, as we share our books with them and all children everywhere!!

Learn how you can help Spread the Words to children and families like these.


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