Oct 31 2011
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While driving through the unique city of Cairo, Egypt, we were anxious to meet our next family that would be part of E3 Imagine’s book series! We didn’t know anything about them, usually the case, but were excited nonetheless.

When our van came to a stop we were told to wait in the car for 10 minutes while the family prepared for us. A mother and her son came to the van to greet us – and this kid was ADORABLE! I got out of the van and started talking with them – luckily the mother spoke some english. She told me her son’s name was Yosef and he was 1 year old.

Yosef and his mother ended up joining us for the photo shoot and we captured some of the best shots of the trip with him. My favorite was Yosef with his grandpa next to the camel. What a neat shot! He wouldn’t stop smiling.

It’s amazing how inspiring a 1 year old can be. Everyone who came near him just had to smile because of the huge grin on his face! I just thought to myself, wow… magic!

So I made the decision that I needed to smile more! If a one year old could do it, and trust me we have met LOTS of one year olds, then anyone can! I mean not the goofy kind of clown face cheesy smile, I mean a genuine “I’m happy” smile.

Besides, isn’t it said that smiles are contagious?

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