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Spread The Words is our “One to Read, One to Give” program.  When you buy an E3 Imagine book, you are not only providing a fun, educational experience for your child and family, you are providing that same experience for a less fortunate child somewhere else in the world.

“Spread The Words” allows individuals to help with the humanitarian efforts that E3 Imagine is seeking to accomplish. E3 Imagine’s promise is to provide quality books to children and schools in high poverty areas, to give children a chance to learn as other children do. When individuals purchase an E3 children’s book, their purchase results in the donation of a book to a child somewhere in the world who needs educational materials.

Children all throughout the world are wanting and needing help with their education. We want to take part in changing the world as we focus on changing one life at a time.

Education is empowering, and is possibly the best tool we have for tackling poverty and improving lives around the world.  Improvements in basic literacy have a powerful effect on an individual’s long-term health, prospects for prosperity, and overall quality of life.
Progress is being made – more children are attending school than at any point in history.  However, there is still much to be done.  Nearly 800 million adults (that’s 1 in 5 globally!) cannot read or write, nearly 140 million primary and secondary aged children are not in school, and millions more are receiving education of such a poor quality that it will do little to enhance their life outcomes.
We believe that everyone can make a difference in spreading global literacy.  We are committed to doing what we can as well as helping you do what you can.
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Make a difference, not just for your child, but for someone else’s as well.

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