Sep 23 2011
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Its pretty crazy traveling around the world and not spending more than 3 days in one spot.

We left our hotel in Manila at 4:00 AM in three taxi cabs.  After unloading our 20+ bags and transporting them via baggage cart to the sidewalk – we discovered we were at the wrong terminal!!

We found three new taxis and set off for terminal 2.  Good thing we were there early enough to deal with the unforeseen stuff.  We flew to Ho Chi Ming City (formerly Saigon) and after a 6 hour layover – on to Pnom Phen, Cambodia.  Arrived around 3:30 PM and met up with our American friend April, who lives in Cambodia, and helped us load everything up on three TucTuc vehicles.



Then it was off through the streets of Pnom Phen on a crazy fun ride amidst a gazillion motorscooterists.  I have never seen so many scooters on the streets at once.



Merging into traffic was nuts.  You just go and expect everyone to stop or move over to accommodate you.



After a good nights sleep we were up bright and early again, off to shoot three Cambodian families – fun stuff!

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