Sep 19 2011
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Question #1 -How many Jeepney’s are in Manila??

Question #2 -How many Filipino’s can fit in a Jeepney??

Question #3- How many people can fit in Manila??

Question #4- When is it NOT humid in the Philippines??

Questions #5- What kind of people do you find in the Philippines.

So here we are in Manila! It is fun, crazy, has HUGE billboards, and FULL of people – over 9 million to be exact (answer to Q #3), with over 90 million in all of the Philippines! Holy Cow all those people distributed over 7000 islands! And – some of the friendliest happiest people we have met so far.
They LOVE having Mr. Steve take their pictures, unlike many countries where they get mad and in your face when you point a camera at them.

Driving to get anywhere is slow and crazy and takes forever – which is actually perfect for the E3 crew because it gives us time to see all the fun sights! Jeepney’s (old military Jeeps left over from the war) are everywhere! There has to be thousands of them (answer to Q #1). We didn’t take the time to count, but they are as thick as the taxi’s we encountered in London last year. Every where you look you see Jeepneys! I guess the driver’s have certain routes that they drive, and you just kind of have to know where they are going and hope you get on the right one. They are shiny and painted and decorated to the discretion of the drivers. Great fun checking them all out, and looking to see how many people are stuffed inside. As for Q. #2, well your guess is as good as mine. They look like they could fit about 12 people on the side benches, squished, but from what our cute guide Liza says, they will basically fit as many as you can stuff in. Not thinkin’ that would be too fun on hot, humid, sunny days!
Which takes me to Q #4, it is hot and humid here all year long! There are basically two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. We are in the middle of the rainy season with a 60% chance of rain every day. Today on our first shoot day, heading to our 2nd family, it started pouring, thank goodness it took us 2 hours to get there, so by the time we arrived most of the rain had stopped and we were able to get some awesome outdoor photos in front of their house and on their streets. Hot – yes, humid – yes, and that happens pretty much all year round. BUT all that humidity brings beautiful green fields covered in rice fields, and farms.

Once again we are falling in love with the country we are in and not wanting to leave so soon. Mostly because of the people! Happy, family-oriented, fun people. (answer to Q #5)

E3 is loving the Filipino way!

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