The Words of Becoming A Father

Well, the time is nearing for my wife to finally have our baby. It’s a crazy and strange sensation to be a new father! It is so interesting to feel that in only ONE WEEK my whole life will take a huge turn and my complete view of the world will change! People try to explain to me what it’s like, they use words like “incredible”, “amazing”, and sometimes “scary.” But still I have nothing to compare it to emotionally. There is nothing in the world that can be compared to holding your first child for the first time, as a father. So, needless to say, I’m VERY “excited!” But at the same time, I’m very “anxious” to finally hold him, to meet him, and to love him.

Sometimes I imagine what I will teach him, what I will say to him, how I will help him. I try to think of who he will be, of what he will be like… and that’s when I become the most excited, to see him grow. I hope with all my heart that I live up to his expectations as his father, and that I live up to my own!

I chose this picture because I know that sometimes both him and I will act like Monkeys.