Things you can’t squish under your shoe.

The home I grew up in was built in an area of Arizona that had acres of orange groves. Most people in Arizona know what orange groves mean….. scorpions.

Scorpions aren’t large bugs, but if they sting you, you’ll know for a few days. They’ve got a pretty mean poison, especially the little ones. I really don’t like bugs, but I had to gain some tolerance for scorpions. I learned to look before I sat on the couch, to never leave my clothes on the floor, and always shake my shoes before putting them on. One day I grabbed a towel to dry off my face after washing it. My face was dripping with water, I grabbed the towel, dried my face, and opened my eyes to look in the mirror. As I opened my eyes to hang the towel back up, I saw something on my shirt. Inches from my face was a scorpion, tail raised in defense, ready to attack its enemy.

I kind of freaked out.

I CAN NOT imagine living in other parts of the world where their ‘bugs’ are at a completely new level. How can you call a tarantula a ‘bug’? (well its a spider I know, but seriously it is a BEAST, not a spider!) Here are some bugs seen on E3′s travels.

I could hardly look at my computer screen to attach the spider image to this post. Bleck!
Spiders!! If these pictures don’t leave your skin crawling, I don’t know what will!

I’ll take the scorpions.