Through A Child’s Eyes

In Africa, we found so many smiling, laughing, and happy children who literally had almost nothing of value to their name. In Cambodia we met children who would spend most of their life, if not their entire life, in poverty, struggling to survive. And yet, they were happy, loving children—the same as you might find in any upper-class neighborhood.

When compared to those of us who seek happiness through possessions, or lifestyles, or business, or self-achievements, or social circles, or any worldly venture—these children seemed to hold a secret that the rest of us haven’t quite figured out.

How often we can get caught up in the daily motion of our “first world” living? How incredibly advanced and rich our lives are! From moment to moment always wanting more, and wanting it now, seeking the simple conveniences that so many around the world are deprived of. It’s enough to feel in our hearts the humility that comes from that realization. And with that new humility, to check our everyday “first world” needs, and ask ourselves in the end, “What truly matters?”

Because somehow, while standing there in their ragged clothes, smiling at our cameras, these children clearly possessed a “warmth” that not even the most expensive jacket could achieve. It runs deep inside their hearts, and shows us that no matter what kind of life you live, what things you buy, how many people you know, or how much money you make—happiness, the most valuable treasure, is given only to those who can see the world through a child’s eyes.