Aug 29 2011
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When my little girl was 15 months old she was OBSESSED with my iPhone.  She would sneakily steal it and sit behind the couch trying to unlock it.  Now that she is 2, she LOVES to unlock it, call people and has sent a text or two full of gibberish on occasion.  I’m sure you have kids in your life that are the exact same way.  Isn’t it crazy how kids grasp onto technology at such a young age… it is like they are pre-wired.

What a contrast between the children in my life and some of the children that E3 has met.

I bet the only tweets this boy knows about come from tropical birds around his home!  He probably hasn’t updated his facebook status in like FOREVER!!

Yet look at some of the skills that he has.  Do you know any teenage boys who know how to chop with a machete?  Weave a basket out of grass?  What awesome talents and skills this boy has!  There is such a contrast in the lives of children all over the globe, yet they are all just kids growing up… trying to emulate their mom, learning skills from their dad, and looking for fun along the way.

There have been times in my life, when I have come home from trips where I saw people who live a much simpler life than I do, and wished for a life without the unnecessary.  Some days I want to cut out the extra noise of emails and blogs and such…. but, I am grateful for the technology that we have that allows us to connect with people all around the world.  I am excited to continue learning about new people and the places they call home.

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