We’re On iTunes

Good news everyone!  E3 Imagine is now available in the iTunes store!  You can find the latest 3 Enhanced eBooks by searching “E3 Imagine” in the iTunes store on your computer, OR by searching directly from your iPad!  You may wonder what E3 Imagine Enhanced eBooks are exactly…?  Well, the best way for you to find out is to simply download the Free sample from the store here at E3imagine.com.  You can also download it directly from iTunes easily.  Keep reading to find out more…

E3 Imagines team recently travelled around the world, literally!  They visited 19 countries and met hundreds of people.  They went with a PURPOSE, to gather images and video for innovative new children’s books!  Examples of COLORS, NUMBERS and more are within the covers of these books.  

Now, one major thing for you to know is that during their travels, the team encountered many places where education is  limited, where children have very limited access to books and other learning materials.  There are literally hundreds of small schools around the world where children are given little opportunities to gain an education, but many of these schools are underfunded and have very few books.  

THEREFORE for EVERY SINGLE BOOK THAT IS PURCHASED, A BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO A CHILD SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD.  Consider it an opportunity.  You can help children around the world see and learn the same things you hope for your own kids.

Now, back to the “Enhanced eBooks“. What are they and what do they do?  Enhanced eBooks are PACKED with features not found in traditional books.  In an Enhanced eBook, you get Video, and Audio inside the book.  You can touch words and hear them sounded out, you can touch pictures and see HD video, you can even touch places and see a map of the location pop up.  For kids, this is a major step toward the future.  The technology creates a WHOLE NEW LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

To download the free sample for your iPad, click here. For iTunes, click here.