Nov 2011
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* Clean my room * Wash the dishes * Sweep the floor

What’s a typical chore list for a 6 year old around the world?

We asked several children what they are required to do to help around the house. So many of them are learning responsibility and the benefits of knowing how to work. My eyes were opened to a new level of responsibility when we visited Kenya.

In the community of Kayole, outside of Nairobi, I was amazed at all the children who were playing together in the streets. But something in particular caught my eye. There were several 6-7 year old girls playing in the street with a baby strapped to their backs.

By the age of 6, a child who lives in Kayole knows how to make a full meal. In the Maasai Mara, 6 year old boys are out herding goats and sheep. Responsibility comes at an awfully young age for these children. Maybe our own kids should recognize how easy they have it when they complain about having to take out the garbage.

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