Who Needs A Reason To Smile?

I have a two week old baby and as many of you know, newborns can make some pretty awesome facial expressions. My favorites so far are my baby’s smiles. He’ll be staring off into nowhere and all of the sudden break out into a huge grin. Does he even know what he’s seeing? Does he even know that he’s smiling? Probably not… And for a while I didn’t understand how he could have this huge smile that looked pretty real to me without it actually being real. I was in denial for a while and was sure that he was actually happy and liked to smile all the time.

But now I’ve excepted the truth that he is really just smiling for no reason at all. And who says he needs a reason anyway?? The fact that he is alive and beautiful and healthy and therefore able to make that certain facial expression is good enough for him so why not for me too?

Take a second and think about how much you actually smile.  Do you hop out of bed with a grin on your face?  Or go through the whole day without a hint of a happy face?  Sometimes that’s me. Well, it was before I had Mr. Grin-all-the-time to wake up to.

If you’re just now realizing that you’ve lost that “smile for no reason” nature that you probably had as a newborn, take a second and smile. There’s always a reason to be happy. Just taking a look at these beautiful kids and families should do the trick.So do yourself a favor.

Get rid of that heavy frown on your face and show the world your smile!