Working For E3 Imagine

It’s like a beautiful ship moving slow and steady to a very specific rhythm. Every day brings a new adventure, and every creative idea pushes this awesome machine further into that brilliant ocean. With E3imagine everything works as it should, and it’s very clear to me that it’s going to succeed, that it’s going to bring happiness and education to many children and families across the globe.

Every morning, close to nine o’clock, I roll into the office expecting to be handed a new load of photos to be edited, fixed, or chosen. I have the privilege of being the chief photo editor for all of the E3 products. I get to see every photo before it continues onto the books and programs. From blogs to book covers, the photos never cease to delight me! It’s amazing to see the incredible depictions of children and places around the world.

To be a part of that movement is such an incredible experience. Many of us who work here will tell you we’ve never done anything like this before, spending every moment working on something that matters and that can change lives. Because “art” just seems to have that tendency – to change lives.