World Literacy Summit

On April 1st, 2012 E3 Imagine will be attending the first World Literacy Summit in Oxford, England.  As a company E3 is excited to join world leaders in the fields of literacy and development and focus on the role literacy plays in lifting individuals and societies from poverty to a hope for a future.  Literacy is the key.  Studies have shown the direct correlation between literacy and greater health and economic prosperity.

The global literacy crisis effects over three quarters of a billion people worldwide, in both the developing and the developed worlds. Low literacy levels are regarded as being one of the main factors that contribute to the poverty cycle.  Despite this, little progress has been made to address what is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today.

    • One in five adults, or 796 million people, lack basic literacy skills.
    • 67 million primary school aged children don’t attend school.
    • Millions more are sitting in classrooms and receiving education of such a poor quality that it will do little to enhance their life chances.
    • Each year of primary school increases the wages people earn later in life by 5-15% for boys and even more for girls.
We at E3 invite you to watch a video to be shown to the delegates at the World Literacy Summit.  Please join the fight to combat illiteracy.

Only through the combined efforts of people everywhere can the devastating effects of illiteracy be overcome.

Working together we can bring hope for a future.  Working together we can reshape the world.