Aug 25 2011
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Trying to reach kids all over the world, fly to their countries, locate them, translate their language, photograph them, organize, edit and compile those photographs into 30 different books that are also each formatted with unique graphic design elements, then print, sell, and donate those books to kids everywhere, sounds like a bit of a project.

But wait, what about the website, e-books, iPad apps, t-shirts, school programs, presentations, marketing, social media, and endless emails, phone calls, and sponsorships? It’s enough to make your head spin. Who would take on such a project? People who care about education, care about kids, and care about the state of the world, the future of society, and the relationships of families everywhere. Not to sound cliché, but this is what E3imagine is all about.

We visit schools, we talk to kids about their lives, their interests, and their expectations for education. Kids want these books, they want this experience, and they want to learn. It’s always awesome to meet teachers, principals and parents that want the best for their students and kids. It’s so exciting to share E3 with them and to see their excitement for the future of E3 products and programs.

If you haven’t contacted us yet to learn how you can incorporate our program in your school, do it now. It’s an opportunity to show your kids something new, something fascinating, and something different.

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